Our Story

Hold On Equipment is a new start up in 2020. The reason? As climbers with a passion for design, we wanted to do something to help. We're not doctors, nurses or key workers and didn't feel we had much to offer. Until we realised we could help our climbing community and enable other people like ourselves to continue training inside, for what we love doing outside. Climbing walls and gyms may be closed for now, but that doesn't mean we have to stop training... Let's get strong now, ready for the amazing adventures later!

We wanted to make training equipment more affordable to people at this time, without compromising on quality or our ethical values. Because we are a small company with low overheads, our prices can be competitive compared to the big name brands, yet we still manufacture our products from quality, sustainable materials.

Company Ethos

There's no doubt about it, the world is changing, and right now it's changing faster than any of us would like. However many of these changes will eventually be for the better - the current global situation highlights that our demands on the planets resources are unsustainable in many areas... improvements need to be made.

At hold-on we believe in responsible consumerism - so as a new company, we want to help protect our environment and therefore operate in a way that will sustain its resources, not diminish them. 

Route setters Fund and Supported Charities

Without the creativity and efforts of the local route setters in our climbing community, our indoor routes and problems would not exist and our sanity levels would surely be significantly worse! Therefore we will be donating 5% of lockdown profits towards these talented folk!  

The mental health charity MIND, Mountain Rescue & Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) do amazing things for those of us in need of help and support. Therefore Hold On Equipment will be donating 3% of it's profits to these causes.